Marco Zambrana, writer/director

Born and raised in Fremont California, Marco grew up watching classic films and acting in plays and musicals. Along the way he aspired to be an actor, teacher, writer, IT guy, and finally an editor of film. Along that very bumpy journey he began writing stories that tackled difficult and emotional topics from very personal experiences. He loves to tell stories that are about tough subjects and get people to talk face to face. Now 24 and attending Biola University as undergraduate senior, Rubaru marks Marco's first feature-length directorial debut and he's already currently writing the next one.


Andy Brewster, producer/1st ad

Ever since animating LEGO bricks in middle school, Andy has had a passion for telling stories visually on screen. In high school he seriously began exploring film and has since been involved in freelance work, teaching film camps, dozens of professional and student projects, and many of his own narrative pieces including “A Piacere,” and the award-winning short, “After Yesterday.” In 2019 he won the pitch to direct the Fall 2019 Biola Film, “Caesura”. While he appreciates most genres, he has a particular desire to tell stories that are deeply relatable and intentional and, from a place of authenticity, are able to make audiences consider an idea in a fresh or different way.


Rebecca Baliko, cinematographer

From the mountains, to the deserts, to the the seas - Rebecca has spent most of her life traveling on family adventures for her father’s photographic career. Exposed to cameras at an early age, she was drawn into their ability to capture life’s fleeting moments and began pursuing a degree in film production in 2016. While her main passion is in documentary filmmaking, she enjoys working on any cinematic project that is both visually appealing and philosophically impactful. Aiming to capture the remaining beauty in the world through the art of cinematography, her wish is that the productions she works on will be ones that encourage viewers and give them more hope for the future.

Emily Tkach, production designer

Emily has always had a love of art and storytelling. For most of her life, she trained with the expectation of becoming a classical ballerina, and although her days of dancing pre-professionally are concluded, she has carried over a love of visual storytelling and movement. She also has always had a special love of sketching and painting. Emily is currently working toward her degree in film production at Biola University in the Torrey Honors Institute. She ultimately hopes to work in visual development in animated films, and is intrigued with the power of color and visuals to impact storytelling. She desires to work on projects that inspire people with beauty and impact them with truth.


Andrew Daughters, editor

Andrew Daughters is an Editor passionate about visual storytelling. Currently a film student, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Production at Biola University, he continues developing experience by working on projects in the Orange County and greater Los Angeles area, both in and out of school. His filmmaking began at the age of 14 with the creation of parodies and skate videos. His work in post-production kicked off in high school experimenting with stop-motion and Christian-themed dramas. His goal is to continue editing stories that will have a lasting and positive impact on our world.

Jorden Davis, composer


Zach Argue, producer


Ellie LaFrombois, associate producer/best boy


Andrew Baer, co-producer

Production Team

Connor Griffin, gaffer

Connor Griffin, gaffer

William Baliko, 1st AC

William Baliko, 1st AC

Robert Brown, sound recordist

Robert Brown, sound recordist

Celena Hu, 2nd ad

Celena Hu, 2nd ad

Makeup and Hair

Sami Winslow

Art Consultant

Cojo Carl

Art PAs

Jeli Villeza

Cynthia Garcia

Seth Brown, set designer

Seth Brown, set designer

Additional Sound Recordist

Kayla Clark


Griffin Douglass

Rawleigh Grove

Josiah Solis

Abram Hammer

Emma Palmbach, story consultant/script supervisor

Emma Palmbach, story consultant/script supervisor