Charles, a young man is recounting his life story. In his audio recording he recounts the beauty and the ugliness of his life. How there can be such joy and such despair in the same moments? As he journeys through his story it becomes evident that something is tormenting him, he can't continue on this way.

This intimate story explores the impact of depression on a young man's life and the importance of face to face conversations with family, friends, coworkers, and other real human beings. Mental health, loneliness, isolation, depression, these are far too common themes in our culture that seem too overwhelming to conquer. There isn't one single bullet to solve all their problems, but Rubaru shows how one person's intentional conversation can change someone's life. As we make and share this story, we want to spread that message and encourage people to do the same towards people they know, battling mental health one person at a time, face to face.